Say it Again

Assalamualaikum..i wont look back and turn out crying in the middle of the least i still have other people around me..:) at least masih ada kaki utk berjalan..ade tangan untuk amik gamba..masih ade telinga utk dengar dan mata utk melihat..:)

Songwriter: Marie Digby

the thing about love
is i never saw it coming
it kind of crept up
and took me by surprise
and now there’s a voice inside my heart
its got me wondering
is it true..? I wanna hear it one more time
move in a little closer
take it to a whisper
just a little louder…
Say it Again for me
cause i love the way it feels
when you are telling me that i’m
the only one who blows your mind
say it again for me
it’s like the whole world
stops to listen
when you tell me you’re in love…
say it again

the thing about you
is you know just how to get me
you talk about us
like there’s not end in sight
the thing about me
is that i really wanna let you
open that door
and walk into my life
move in a little closer
take it to a whisper
just a little louder..
Say it Again for me
cause i love the way it feels
when you are telling me that i’m
the only one who blows your mind
say it again for me
it’s like the whole world
stops to listen
when you tell me you’re in love..
and it feels like
it’s the first time
that anybody’s ever brought
the sun without the rain
never in my whole life
have i heard words
as beautiful as when you say my name.

I will give you wings to fly

Assalamualaikum..lately aku terpk2..nape people expect things to be  their way? why they wish everything to be according to their planned? even thou they will hurt others feeling and continuously expecting other ppl to change as well..they suppose to  accept what had happened. Suppose to accept what had been given by GOD that so called why bother other people to change just for the sake of their own self??..
and i tried so hard not to trust u again..not to listen anything from u again..

Go, if you must move on alone
I’m gonna make it on my own
I loved enough to let you go free
Go, I will give you wings to fly
All of my life, I’ll hold you close to me..

teddy bear and roses


Today gi office..ade keje kena buat..g kasi .psd files kat supplier utk printing..then balik singgah beli bihun sup utara..terserempak Dj Akhtar..after 10 minutes menapak balik jugak..jiwa masih kacau..belom betul2 recover sgt..kejap ok kejap emo..hehe..tadi mintak org belikan teddy bear ngn roses..hanta gi ofis..pastu kena marah..:p sorry..saje je nak nyakat nak itu ini..hidup tak ceria kalau takde senda gurau dan tawa…

Esok bgn pagi2 ade wedding shoot kat masjid shah alam..shoot nikah Kak Faiza ( sec ENgku EMran SuriaFM) kena prepare charge bateri camera..beli bateri flash..buat references utk esok.. dan TIDO AWAL:D

FROM KL TO BANDUNG…with love..
Smlm aku book tiket to Bandung..2 tiket..utk adik aku skali…org len kate aku buat keje giler…tapi mr Norman kata I shud go..clear my mind matter turning back thou..get ready je utk pack barang..buat hotel reservation etc..dan jgn lupa KERAH adik aku jadi buruh kasar gak cari duit ..(kate nak shopping kat BANDUNG) hahaha..gambatte ne! ( ade lagi 2 bulan lebey sket jek ) SAPE LAGI NAK IKUt???=)

Perhitung (feat. Too Phat)
by Brothers

Peperangan yang dilalui dunia
bagaikan tiada penghujungnya
Bila propaganda menguasai segala-galanya
Nan halusi setiap minda
Apa harus menjadi satu hala tuju baru di jalan penuh berliku
Apa kita akan bertemu dalam impian yang satu

Hari ini aku di sini lagi masih tenang dalam berlusi
Masih bertarung dengan diri
ku malawan nafsu nafsi
Mana perlu kumelangkah?
Mana betul dan yang mana salah?
Harus hanya rasa indah sedang itu kan memusnah?

Tunggu apa ditunggu
Aku pun tidak tahu
Kini semakin lesu
Beriku petunjuk Mu
Sedar dari lamunan
Mula ternampak jalan
Kiniku dalam barisan
Kuteruskan perjuangan

Semua gerak dihitung
Tiada yang tergantung
Sedar atau tak langsung
Tiada yang melencong

Apa ini kucari
Harus merenung lagi
Cuba berkali-kali
Silap berulang lagi

A year older
Hard experience make a man bolder
A one man soldier lost and trying to stay sober
Erasing highlights of joy inside my life’s folder
Trying to find peace through harder days and when the nights are colder
Alotta people never listen
Ask to keep your head up

I’ve held it long enough I’m getting fed-up
Flashing on the past when I led a simpler life
I’m happy with the progress
Its change that I don’t like I was tearing
Sitting contemplating my carreer when
I should be on stage with a few thousand kids cheering

Turned into the heavens
And was shown the forgotten myth that
faith and love can turn a curse into gift
If you think that you’ve hit rock bottom think about your loved one
Your father was soldier at least you be a tough son
A tough one and when times go rough
you be the rough one
Money, power , respect will come

Aku amati satu persatu
Apa yang terjadi, apa yang berlaku
Kali ini matlamatku jitu
Sinari Impian harapanku
Telah kian lama aku mencari-cari
Di satu hari cahaya kan menyinari
Moga aku tak sendiri lagi
Dalam perjalanan untuk mencari erti

Currently the state of world..depressing
Everywhere warring and oppression
Currency is king becoming everybody’s obsession
Capitalist with animal instinct behavior
Wolves in sheep skin claiming to save you
Far from saviors only contributing to death
The magnitude of their actions
only contribute to their wealth
Word to Condoleezza Rice
These kids kind of need rice
How father and son can bomb the same city twice
I’m mad..
Watch the news at home on CNN
I’m sad..World powers do as they please where and when
It’s bad..Countries Join a legion armed with nuclear bombs
The only one without a bomb most probably Saddam
Cause for alarm conspiracy theories taking lives
Ask the Almighty please guide me with the light
Cause for alarm militaries killing children in the night
Ask the Almighty please protect them with you


skang kol 4.11 pagi..lagi 3 jam aku gerak ke perak wedding ziety..nyamuk byk mlm ni..takde la byk sgt..tah. tadi mlm minum 2 bungkus kopi. end up aku jadi hyperactive tapi tak boleh buat keje.jugak tak bole tido. having pms? maybe.sorry cant be helped. nak tido dgn harapan dpt pejamkan mata. tapi aku bgn balik dr katil dan login blogspot.

kejap2 happy, kejap2 sedih. mmg emosi tak stabil. nak nangis pun tak boleh..kena paksa diri..may be i need a break..balik kampung..tgk sawah hijau..jenguk family..jln2 kat kampung..aku dah terlalu lama kat KL nih..

i cant do anything dis morning..end up aliaa take over everything..honto ni arigatou aliaa..

im sorry i felt a lil unwell…

gamba lama ni..masa shooting dokumentari dulu..

Up coming event :
30-31 March – wedding at Kuala Kangsar
14 April – wedding nawwar husna at Gombak
7 & 24 July – wedding en.ahmad bagan dato n shah alam
august – wedding kak saraah n cici
june – reconfirm ngn kak nad wedding kat jln semarak

next wednesday :
on air slot fitrah 6-8
on air slot ape tah tatau tapi kena interview CACTUS 8-10 (beku la dlm konti nantik)

friday :
interview di klang ngn fifi Aneka Publication

assignment requirement:


Create and design a multimedia application with intermediate / advance action scripting to interact with icon and dynamic environment.
Emphasize the usability of the application which fulfills the target audience’s need.Balance the function and design with the dynamic design strategy.


– Challenge students’ understanding on the intermediate / advance action

– The application of the scripting language from online source.

– Manipulation and modification of the scripting to suit their design.

Stage 1 Proposed idea and scripting strategies with minimum 3 case studies. Identify the specific target audience and define the issue.
Stage 2 Sketching and planning multimedia story board with the finding of existing scripting source.
Stage 3 Test and fix and the authoring and navigation system of the application. Apply the dynamic features within the design.
Stage 4 Project Submission and Interactive user function.

Submission Requirement:

1. Save in Fla and Swf format in a CD-Rom

2. Death line: 23 April 2007 2 pm

Presentation for each student: 5-7 minutes

* Please print your name & ID clearly on the CD Case Cover.

Compile all your studies, sketches, and information in A4 format.
(Comb Binding)

Stage 1 Requirement:


The content of your proposal must include: Title, Objectives, Target Audience, Issue, User Task, Details Description, 3 or more precedent studies, rough sketches to support your idea and etc.

Stage 2 Requirement:

Process of Development:

You should finish the preparation for complete sketches (at least 3 pages), multimedia storyboard, Report of your strategy development (include mind map and flowchart), Finding of the related scripting that will be useful for your application design.

Stage 3 Requirement:

Process of Execution:

All the layout, character or other design elements should finish digitize in your computer. A complete navigation system has to be completed. Execution with the scripting within the Flash and determine the bugs and errors. 50% of your application should complete in this stage.

Stage 4 Requirement:


You are ready to present your errors-free dynamic interactive application with the utmost professional manner. Submission will be made right after your presentation.



aku bersyukur atas nikmat iman dan islam, walaupun aku bukan yang terbaik..tapi aku berdoa semoga aku dilindungi dan dijaga agar sentiasa tidak lari dari jalanNya. (nape aku rasa cam ikhlas je nih :((..takde feeling pun? )

mari ikhlaskan diri dulu..:((

” Di dalam cahayamu Tuhan
Ku harap petunjukmu
Di dalam sinaran purnama
Ku mohon keampunan
Moga terlerai segala dosa-dosaku
Mogaku jadi hamba yang bersyukur

Tuhan Yang Esa udara yang kuhirup
Terasa nikmatmu yang menggunung
Tidak terhitung harga nilainya
Oh Tuhan Kau Pengasih Maha Penyayang

Oh Tuhan di depan ujian
Terasa diri ini memerlukanmu
Ku harap kau lindungi
Hamba yang lemah ini
Kau Tuhan Maha Kuasa
Maha pengampun

Ku harapkan pintu taubatmu terbuka luas
Untuk hambamu yang sering leka
Dengan rahmatmu dan kasih sayangmu
Kau ampunilah segala dosaku
Moga selamat di dunia dan akhirat”

p/s : Tuhan, jangan jauhi aku..Tuhan..cintai aku..Tuhan..aku damba cintaMu, Tuhan aku hina dan berdosa..Tuhan..aku tak berdaya..Tuhan..jgn berpaling dr ku dan jgn palingkan aku..Tuhan..titiskan air mata ku keranaMU…ya Tuhan aku merayu…………….

Task for this week


Saturday (24 March 2007) – finish up all stage 2 MCP assignment
Sunday ( 25 March 2007 ) – Deliver album kak sarah. beli tiket bas ke Kuala Kangsar. + LCC
Monday (26 March 2007 ) – submission MCP stage 2
Tuesday (27 March 2007 ) – remind aliaa for the illustrations
Wednesday (28 March 2007 ) – Inking illustrations
Thursday ( 29 March 2007 ) – submission LCC before 4 pm
Friday (30 Mrach 07 ) – Email Galaxy (illustrations) + gerak pegi perak.

p/s : kena skip class on friday..huhu~

“ewan zack: to all my dj’s …. saya rasa amat2 kurang senang dgn situasi sekarang … 1) berperang / jealous / berpuak2 / 2)membuat keputusan sesuka hati tanpa mengambil pandangan atau arahan dari saya … terutamanya on air dj’s !! 3)situasi dimanjakan … ader xm laa .. ader kelas laa .. ader nie laa .. ader tu laa …. 4)kehadiran on air ( buat sesuka hati korang jrek erk .. nak on air .. nak tukar .. without my premission !! 5)hormat menghormati – semakin pudar 6) sikap acuh tak acuh … 7) yahoogroups – tempat tue utk kita berbincang .. memberi pendapt .. memberi informasi … 8) sombong/ bongkak/ berlagak – mentang2 laa dah jadi DJ .. ader sesetgh tue rasa diorang laa yg paling hebat ….9) tiada sefahaman 10) nie paling saya bengang … tidak ader tolak ansor atau toleransi dlm club … ” “ewan zack: dgn itu … tolong ubah perangai anda … dan tolong dtg meeting lepas nie … if i see still 5 org dtg meeting … dun be regret on wut gona happen !! i mean it this time .. i mean it … i damn angry right now … n plzz respect each other …tq ”

tak tau..sape kasi slash ngamuk..aku ke aku ke?